can I live my life to the fuullest if i have no money?

May 21, 2009 7:58pm CST
I am a adult from a poor area.i have no money.and i am a student now,how can i live my life to the fullest?can you give me an answer?
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@nancyrowina (3850)
7 Jun 09
Living your life to the fullest isn't about money really it's about doing all you can to make your life better and more fulfilling. I do all sorts of voluntary activities I don't get paid for and I am poor too, I have fun making huge puppets to walk with in our local carnival. Things like that may not be your bag but there must be something you can do in your life you enjoy that doesn't cost a lot or is free. Keep studying and hopefully you will not be poor for much longer, in the meantime just treat people well and try to enjoy the free things in life like the sky at night and being with friends even if you aren't spending money.
• China
20 Jun 09
very well..i like your article...thanks for your sharing
• China
20 Jun 09
just do what you like to do,,you will be happy
@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
7 Jun 09
I don't have an answer for you because what really makes a life fullest is a too complicated question answer. But I do believe that if you don't have money, you will be missing something that this world has to offer. However, I don't think one should get frustrated if just because you don't have money for the extra things out there. There are still too many things that you can do to enjoy your life. Of course, we all want to improve ourselves further and if possible have some extra money in the pocket. I will say just learn and improve your skills is one of the best way for you. As a student, do go out and hunt for part time job. Gaining more job experiences as early as possible can help you out when you really go out of school.
@lawana_f (327)
• United States
24 May 09
You can live you life to the fullest by doing the best you can do at everything you do, and by being creative you can find fun things to do that do not cost money. Enjoying life and praising God for the opportunities you are being given will go a long way towards making you happy. OK so you probably cannot go skydiving or that a trip to anouther country right now, but what does that really have to do with living life. Those are simply little perks you will possibly choose to do as you get older. If you consider drinking living life to the fullest then you are not old enough to know what living is about yet so give it time.
24 May 09
I am in exactly the same position as you and would ask the same question. Here's what I m doing right now. I have family in New Zealand and I live in England, theres no way I can afford to go and see them. I have freinds I've met online from places all around the world, particularly Russia. I am excited about going to see all of these people, but first I have to make the money to be able to afford the trip. So when I am in my crappy job and doing all the mundane things i have to day to day, i imagine what it will be like when I have the money I need for the flights I am yet to book. It's having things to look forward to and the ability to make your way towards them.
@celticeagle (123436)
• Boise, Idaho
22 May 09
Strive each and every day to learn something. Make it a point to be nice to someone everyday. Put meaning into your life. Have a reason to get up each day. Value the smaller things in life. Make your little corner of the world positive and free of stress. Be around people that you like, admire and care about. Take time to smell the flowers. Look into people's faces that you pass in the street. Be a good friend and expect nothing short of that in return. Work until you are tired atleast three days a week. Be healthy and proud of your appearance. Be an individual and don't run with the crowd. Have fun and laugh until you think you might have an accident. Money does not buy happiness. It buys material items to play with and admire. It can buy you the wrong type of friends. It will give you more to be responsible for and give you some opportunities but very little happiness. You have to spark that in yourself and choose to be happy. Know yourself, be happy with who you are and who you hang out with. Find happiness in the simple things.