if you could find a way to save on games would you?

United States
May 26, 2009 12:52pm CST
I have been thinking so much about how much we spend on video games. It is a lot I mean most cool in games cost at least a good 40 bucks or more. I want to share that there are ways to save on games. If you want to check it out do so I did. http://tiny.cc/OEIgJ
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@vivrenpar (595)
• Canada
31 May 09
I use ebay for some of my games. I just bought Alone in the Dark for $17. Some people are still selling it for $60. I bought 3 games at SuperStore for less than $20 each and Wal-mart sells games for $18. Grocery stores sell games cheaper than EB Games,Game Stop. I also like waiting for games to go down in price. Some new games like Dark Sector aren't even out a whole year and you can get them for $18. Ebay is a good place to get Gamecube Games too!
• United States
3 Jun 09
That is true Gamecube games will play on the wii so I guess that would be a good investment. It seems a lot of people choose to do that I had no idea until recently that was an option. Thanks for sharing the ways you save and happy mylotting as well.
@SomeCowgirl (32255)
• United States
26 May 09
We have older systems here, the newer system is the 360! We have a local shop we go to to save and also help him out. It's a new shop. We don't spend that much! Also to save money for wii items, don't forget you can play game cube games!
• United States
27 May 09
I know I think that is cool that you can play nintendo gamecube games on the wii. I think a lot of people really are unaware that is an option. I think I might share that more with people too. Thanks and happy mylotting to you as well.
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• United States
27 May 09
I have an Xbox 360 and the games are more like $60 each. We wait for them to get old, a few months or so, and the price starts going down. We also wait for my dad or my hubbys brother to buy it and borrow it once in a while. Over all the games are a lot of money, but I just took my son to the movies and for the two of us the rinks and popcorn we spent $40. We could have stayed home and played video games and he would have liked it better.
@banadux (630)
• United States
27 May 09
My fiance and I use another approach. We play Everquest 2 online and there are a few servers were you can sell your characters, items, or money for USD. It's completely allowed by the game, but only on a couple servers. On the regular servers if you do this type of stuff you will get banned. :( I hear that Vanguard is also going to be fully setup for this type of buying and selling. It might be already, but I'm not sure. The main point is that every month we play this game for fun and then sell off the extra in game currency we have to pay for our subscriptions. We always make more money then we spend playing this game even counting the yearly expansions. We've made as little as $40 a month, but as much as $500 just depending on how the game and world economy are doing. If you are interested in this sort of thing livegamer.com is a good site to keep an eye on they are pioneering this type of real money transaction setup. My fiance also loves Hello Kitty. :)