Have you ever deleted a friend?

United States
June 8, 2009 3:21am CST
I had to delete someone from my from my friends list. They were not contributing to myLot and only wanted me to give them referrals to other sites. I felt weird when someone with no posts asked to be my friend, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Have you ever deleted anyone from your friends list? Why?
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@wildcat48 (779)
• United States
18 Jun 09
yes,when i was going to quit because of my husband illness,i delete lots of my friends,because i didn't think it was fair to them when i wasn't going to be on no more,but a few of my friends found out what i was going to do and talk me out of it.thank God i listen to them.to the rest i am sorry.but i pick my friend because there was something i like about them,not because of the money.
@suzzy3 (8349)
9 Jun 09
No I can't say I have yet.Although there are quite a few friends that never seem to do anything.Maybe I should have a spring clean and make some more active friends.
@mye_drew (182)
• Israel
8 Jun 09
yes i did sometimes but it depends,..i did it from the other sites...i deleted them coz they are a bad people and makes me irritate
@kissie34 (2295)
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
For being more than a year here in mylot, I had never deleted any friends and I never decline any friendly request. I don't really mind if they don't contribute to any of my discussions. I never intend to be their friends just because I want them to contribute to my discussions or any reasons but I just want to have many friends in here. Having a friend or being a friend don't need to have a reason because reason are just something that won't hold it on forever. What if the reason had been ended? Does it mean friendship also end? I don't want that my friendship to someone will only take for a period of time just because of reasons or conditions. Well, I know that some people in here had deleted me as their friend. Its ok from me since they have the right to do what ever they wanted to do. They have their choice to choose who they want to be their friends. As for me, I want to have many friends as possible and I don't used any reasons or conditions for being a friend.
@med889 (5952)
8 Jun 09
So far I have not done that, I only accept all the friend's request now I think I will go back to see if these people are still here just to collect friends or they are participating also! I find it strange too now because I have been getting some 5 friend's reqests per day now.