In My Dream I saw Death !!!!! OMG ! It was Terrible !!

June 16, 2009 8:55am CST
AAAAAAAA!!!!! and I woke up from my terrible dream. As I was asleep in early morning I saw myself standing at the railway Platform waiting for the train. As the train was about to reach the station somehow I fell down to the tracks... All i could see was the train coming my way very fast. and BANG! the Train Hit me...Everything Stopped! The Train Passed through me! Was this Death? Could this be Possible? Im terrorised!
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@jazzsue58 (2668)
16 Jun 09
Trains symbolise a journey - in your case something being taken away, removed (not even clairvoyants dream their own demise; spiritually we're not "allowed" to do that - so quit worrying!)So your dream symbolises changes you are afraid to make - because you feel your life would end up like a runaway train. The train is good, as it symbolises direction - straight tracks. But the life you want is passing you over - rather than passing you by. Could it be you don't feel "good" enough to stop that train and board it? But if you don't, you'll end up valueless - no more than an empty husk. That's how you feel, and it's why the train went through you and why you fell in front of it. Maybe in your dream you wanted to stop it and get on - but it wouldn't let you. Have a good think about what you want from life and how you might achieve it. Next time, park a truck on those tracks and have your ticket ready!
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@mariposaman (2967)
• Canada
17 Jun 09
It sounds like you did not die if the train passed right through you. It sounds as if you had a lot of power in the dream as you thought you would die when the train hit you and you did not. Nightmares are not that uncommon however it is sometimes unusual to vividly remember dreams after you wake up. I find the memory of dreams fade quite fast.
• Philippines
17 Jun 09
Oh that was scary. I have dreamed like that but it was a dream about me falling in a cliff. This is possible as it happen to anyone of us. We just have to be thankful that it is not happening in our real life, because I don't know what to say if that comes true.
• United States
16 Jun 09
I can only imagine that this dream had to freak you out. I thought it might help if i looked up dieing on this dream mood dictionary i offten use for myself. It says:to dream that you die in your dream symbolizes inner changes, trasformation, self discovery and or positive development happening to you or in your life. Well that dose not sound too bad. so maybe you have some big change that is about to take place. I would relax. This could be a good thing coming your way. Unless you have dreams where you see odd things all the time.