Very nice admin, friendly admin(??),

@kumarpslv (3216)
June 17, 2009 5:04pm CST
If you are the member of PTC sites, then you might have familiar with the members in their forum who used to praise the admin of the site unnecessarily like 'you are really great admin', 'very cute admin', 'very good admin', 'keep it admin','well done', 'thanks for update'. Even if the admin reduce the click rate, place many constraints in the accounts of members they are posting in the forum like this.I happened to see in some forum ,where the admin has deleted the accounts of the members without showing any proof and just by mentioning them as 'cheater'.Every one knows that the particular admin is deleting the accounts to cheat the members. But for that also these members are praising his as " Nice work" . I am having one doubt in this.Are these real members of the site or the admin themselves make such posts in the names of 'unavailable' members? Because, no will like if the click rate is reduced or the payout level in increased. But they feel much happy in all the doings of the admins..
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• Philippines
22 Jun 09
Maybe the members are just being greasy to the Admin,lolz trying to get his/her attention. Or maybe they are just praising the Admin to get a good public relation. Any which ways, i don't seem that it will be harmful. Either which ways, be it the Admin that was posting it or not, you can easily smell if the site is a scam or not, how? if the members aren't paid well according to what the site promised. I don't think I can have a problem with a site that praises an Admin. I will have a problem more if i see members disrespectful and ungrateful to the Admin which means a big letter SCAM written all over the site