What is your attitude toward exam!

@wzsj0501 (157)
June 17, 2009 8:20pm CST
positive?indifferent?consider it as a boring affair?or others? I feel very nervous about exam!
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@youless (97623)
• Guangzhou, China
18 Jun 09
I am always afraid of the exams. The study pressure is very high. I love China
@youless (97623)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Jun 09
Thanks for the best response
@Porcospino (24298)
• Denmark
21 Jun 09
It depends what kind of exam it is and how I feel about the subject. If it is a subject that I am not good at, I am always very nervous. If it is a subject that I like I usually feel more confident. That last exam that I had was an anatomy and physiology exam, and it went pretty well. I wasn't that nervous about it, because I had studied really hard for the exam, and I had spent many hours memorizing the Latin words. My psychology exam also went well, that is a subejct that I am really interested in and I enjoyed studying for the exam
@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
19 Jun 09
Hi there friend. I think it mostly depends on the exam, but also on the amount of data i have learned, of the type of person the teacher is. If i learned a lot, and the information was retainable, i will probably have a low fear factor on myself, but nevertheless i will treat every exam with full seriousness no matter how easy it is.
@ntctyhhz (25)
• China
19 Jun 09
it is hard to say if i am a straight-A student i will iike exam and enjoy it very much however if i am not i....
@hanah87 (1842)
• Malaysia
18 Jun 09
Sometimes i like exam and sometimes not.I feel nervous and unconfident when exam is coming.I dont like exam too much because i will feel scared to get bad result.I cannot sleep when think about exam and cannot study well.Exam make me cannot focus to my study because i need to think about it everytime i go and study at class.