Which animal do you most wish you could have as a pet?

June 18, 2009 1:20am CST
There are the traditional pets like a cat or a dog but what if you could tame wild animals and keep them as household pets
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@Porcospino (29931)
• Denmark
2 Jul 09
I love the traditional pets like dogs dogs, cats, rabbits and guineapigs, but if I could choose something completely different I would like to have a penguin as a pet. I love penguins, I think that they are so cute, and I would love to "adopt" one of the penguins from the zoo. When I was a child I told my mother that I would like to get my own penguin, I thought that it was a wonderful idea, funnily enough my mother didn't agree When we visited the zoo I always wanted to bring home most of the animals, and I didn't understand why my parents didn't think that an elephant would be the perfect pet!
• Philippines
20 Jun 09
I want to have a chipmunk as a pet and a koala. I like polar bear and lions too but they seems dangerous when they grow big as you. Because they are stronger than you and there's no way you can protect your self it they suddenly attack you. They're a monster when angry.
@Pigglies (9335)
• United States
20 Jun 09
I would love a pet elephant seal, but they get so big! I get an even better thing though, I get to volunteer with them as babies and then don't have to worry about when they're bigger. But they are so cool, although truthfully I'd never really want to have one as a personal pet and remove it from its environment.
@med889 (5952)
18 Jun 09
I would like to have a tiger as a pet as I love that animal really a lot and I just wish I could have one at home just like my cat who sleep in the bed and is really cute. My zodiac sign is tiger too so having a tiger besides me will be wondefful.
• Indonesia
18 Jun 09
If only I could tame a wild animal as a pet, then it would be a polar bear. I love its fluffy thick white fur, round chubby face, innocent eyes, sharp black nose and most of all, I admire its ability to swim, eventhough it has a big body. I think polar bear would be so cute as a pet
@lelin1123 (15635)
• Puerto Rico
18 Jun 09
I have a shih tzu but I have always wanted my own horse. A horse to take care of and ride whenever I want too. Of course it could not be in the house but on a farm would be wonderful!