Cheap flight price from Jet America

United States
June 21, 2009 4:02pm CST
Have you ever heard of Ryan airline from Europe? They have the cheapest flight deal in the World. Although their planes are small, but the price just right. From Somewhere from England to Ireland, the price only $1.75 one way. To battle this price war, Jet America offers 9 seats for $9.00 per flight. It is a good deal right? Also, spirit air and allegiant air offers great price on its flight too. Why don't you check them out, and find out more about them?
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@ersmommy1 (12598)
• United States
21 Jun 09
I have never heard of Ryan airlines. I think it is nice they are trying to be competitive with fares. But the cheapness of those fares might make me nervous.
@maximax8 (29134)
• United Kingdom
23 Jun 09
The fare is cheap but airport tax isn't nor are baggage costs if a traveler wants to have these put in the hold. I got a return flight this time last year from Bristol, England to Riga, Latvia for me and my infant son. The cost was £100. I had difficulty with the 15kg luggage allowance and had to pay extra to get my son's travel cot on board.
@Porcospino (24307)
• Denmark
27 Jun 09
I have used Ryan Air in the past. Some years ago when I was going from Denmark to Spain I went by Ryan Air and EasyJet. It is possible to fly directly from Denmark to Spain, and of course that is the easiest solution, but I discovered that it was a lot cheaper to travel from Denmark to England, and from England to Spain. I used a combination of Ryan Air and EasyJet, and it was very cheap compared to the direct flight from Denmark to Spain. I had to wait some hours in England, but I was able to study at the airpost so I didn't really mind.
@maximax8 (29134)
• United Kingdom
23 Jun 09
I have flown on two budget airlines from England to mainland Europe on airlines called Ryan Air and Easy Jet. If a traveler books much in advance the fares can be very low. It is possible to get emails sent of the special offers. Sometimes the fare might be as low as £1 but the tax and baggage charges will bring the fare up in price. There isn't much leg room on board but on a short flight that doesn't matter. I have flown from London to Sardinia in Italy, from London to Trieste in Italy, from Bristol to Faro in Portugal and from Bristol to Riga in Latvia on the low cost airlines. I have heard about Spirit Air. I would have to catch a plane to Miami to get on that. It has some excellent routes from Florida to Central America and a few places in South America. The route that appeals to me most is Florida to Cartagena de Indies in Colombia. Jet America sounds really great as well. Happy traveling at very cheap prices.