Is cucumber part of your daily diet!

@dhawanbm (3705)
June 24, 2009 3:07am CST
I am sure it is for most of us. I do keep cucumber as a part of my diet, its a thing I never forget to cut in the plate of green salad! Do you keep it in your plate?
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• India
19 May 10
Yes my friend it is is a part of our daily salad, my wife makes salad from cucumber, onion and carrots, adds lemon juice and black rock salt to it.. Thanks. God bless you. Have a nice day. Cheers. Prof
• Philippines
8 Jul 09
I surely eat cucumber because it's one of the best remedy for hyperacidity. If there is cucumber on my plate, I really eat them all!
@jedopi (401)
• Canada
24 Jun 09
Actually I used to hate the taste of cucumber and it is only recently (within the last year) that I have started eating them. I only like the seedless, English cucumbers though. I do not like the ones with the large seeds. My family will just wash them, slice them, add a sprinkle of salt and start eating. I have not got to that stage yet. I will have them in salad or sometimes I will put them on a sandwich instead of lettuce.
@velentina (892)
• Mauritius
24 Jun 09
i also like to eat it but twice a week as it also contain some vices
• India
24 Jun 09
I love taking salads...And cumcumber is the most important part of my salad,and it acompanied by many things like carrot,onion,tomatoes and beet.I also take cucumber as a fruit and I prefer puting a bit of salt on it.