a sad moment

United States
June 24, 2009 6:05pm CST
i am not sure if my depressed moment will last but I am feeling really low in this cluster of moments. I am trying to deal with the mess that is my realationship, my job dose not pay me enough to cover my bills let alone child care expenses. the bank just called and wants to forclose on my home. the home i thought i would raise my son in. my guy is a real disapointment right now. He will miss my son christning on sunday, hesaid he would get second job only i not sure he has staged to even look. my birthda is tomarrow and he let me know that he will not beable to do anything for me until next week. don't get me wronge i know somone out there has it worse off then me. and i understand that money is tight but I am feeling low. the things that are happening to me are upsetting me. I also belive that have moment like this don't help to draw positive energy in your direction so i will try to get myself together... i just need to vent i guess.
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• United States
25 Jun 09
There will always be disappointments in life. But I think everyone at one point of time has or will go through it. I know I have. But the only thing to do is try to make the best of what god has given you. Of course it'll be rough and it may seem unfair. But sometimes brushing it off and make the best of it will bring you so much relief and joy, and despite the hardships your son will be able to live a life of happiness and not the life of worries. Don't worry you'll be fine. You will over come it. Just wait and see. Have a wonderful day. ; )
• Philippines
25 Jun 09
I'm sorry to hear that. We all have our own ups and downs. And no matter how hard to face the reality, we need to be strong and act accordingly, not for ourselves but to the people that is important to us. We may not understand why this things are happening, but I am sure it happens for a reason and I hope that you don't lose your hope and keep it up and stay stronger because your child is depending on you. You are right about thinking positive things. It will be helpful and it will always encourage you to go on with life's struggles. Yes, you do need to put yourself together and think of what to do next. Remember that a good decision will benefit you. That no matter how the circumstance may be, it will always have a solution.
• Jamaica
25 Jun 09
Disappointment is not a good thing and I would like to just tell you to cheer up. P have you prepared a budget where you can work from. A lot of times the circumstances that surround us tend to drag us down but please try to focus and be level headed. Think not what your boyfriend can do for you but what you need to start doing for yourself. Take up yourself and start to plan on saving this house remember that it is not about you and your boyfriend anymore but your son. Start this by building back your self confidence, prepared a budget you can get a form at www.financiallysmartonline.com. You can also read our articles on budgeting at http://blog.finanicallysmartonline.com Start now by setting your goals and working towards achieving them.
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@aerous (13461)
• Philippines
6 Jul 09
I understand about your feelings my friend. I experience that too and it seems that I want to die, in a moment that happen to me. I lost everything my business, my dreams, all my plans in life is lost because of one person that I love most in heart but differ to my believe. The person whom I love the most, was the person betray me and makes me down. Now, I slowly accept what happen to my life. What I do is that, have strong belief in God. I prayed always to ask strength and give me more a heart that will forgive someone that makes me a losers. Don't be upset more about your situation my friend. That bad experience will pass soon and you can recover more than you lost. Believe in God, the most important things you can do. What place did you stayed?