yehey! I have a new keyboard. How do i dispose the old one?

@hotsummer (10800)
June 28, 2009 10:44pm CST
I know it is no big deal to have a new keyboard, the old keyboard was just so screwed and i could not type or hit the keyboard easily. And also i am happy that i used my online earning to buy a keyboard kind of cool. Anyway, i want to be environmentally friendly and just don't want to dump my keyboard to the garbage. there is no segregation scheme here in my country and so they will end up in soil too. so i am wondering if you have any tip on where i should dump this keyboard or how should i get rid of this keyboard without harming the environment. I want to recycle but how? any idea out there. It can still be used by it will give you a hard time though in typing and so it is not really advisable to give it away and also it is just cheap no one will want to accept this old keyboard cause for sure any one can buy new keyboard easily and easily save up for it.
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@lkumarldh (142)
• India
29 Jun 09
congarts for having a new keyboard Dear!!!!!!!!! I think old keyborad have no value. if it is in working condition so i think you should give it to some charitable trust or society where people can use it. And if it cannot work, then thow it in dustbin and it will be thrown away by your cleaner.
@hotsummer (10800)
• Guam
29 Jun 09
i will just throw it away then. it is too old. it is time to put this to rest. have served me well before. now a new one is much very welcome. i am enjoying my day while typing on this site. cause it feels great to the touch with this new soft keys. typing is such a breeze and fun. i just bought it for $4. not that cheap. but still okay with me.
29 Jun 09
hi,i think if its still working you can sell it,just like other people do.anyway lkumarldh idea is nice too,its up to you which do you prefer to sell it or donate the keyboard or sell it and donate the money you will get from the keyboard..
@Asylum (48027)
• Manchester, England
29 Jun 09
I respect your environmental attitude, but feel that the need for environmental disposal for a keyboard is unnecessary. There are no toxic or harmful contents in a keyboard, and since the size is minimal I would simply place it in the dustbin. If the keyboard still works then you could either pass in on to someone or simply retain it as a spare. Otherwise, simply dispose of it as rubbish.
@markmoney (2868)
• Philippines
29 Jun 09
It's a good upgrade and a good move you did. Lol! Wow, its' nice to have a souvenir from myLot. It can serve as souvenir since the money you used in buying that new keyboard came from your earnings in myLot. I suggest that you don't throw away your old keyboard since it's till functioning. Just keep in a one place. You can use it as backup just in case someone needed a keyboard immediately. I hope your new keyboard will make you earn better. Happy myLotting!