Invest in a person?

June 28, 2009 11:05pm CST
Did you ever ask yourself how much investment are you putting to the persons of your life? Like if you are married, how much time do you spend with your spouse? Aside from sleeping together in one room. Do you still spend other times doing different activities with him? Like for example, do you still talk... i mean really talk (arguments are not included...sorry), about your dreams, the events of the day, the challenges you face or the struggles you have? Do you still have recreations together like watch movie, eat cakes together or visit your favorite places? How about the kids? Your parents? Siblings? Your friends? How much time are you giving them? Are you still investing in their lives? It is said that where you spend most of your time reveals the significance of that person in your life... and that person should add value to you.If not, most likely you are wasting the most important commodity you could ever have- your time in the wrong person.
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