Do you wear your brother's or sister's dress?

June 29, 2009 11:31am CST
Do you wear your brother's or sister's dress? I have a brother and sometimes i use to wear his T Shirts. He too wear my dress in a rare occasions. Do you like to wear his or her dress?
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• India
13 Jul 09
some times i wear my brother's dress becaz he has good dresses.
@pickwick (858)
• India
4 Jul 09
Hi Pratheep !I used to wear my younger sisters clothes when I was young.But now she has grown taller and heftier than me.Still i wear her sarees.I also borrow my mothers sarees.We exchange rather when we have had enough of the dress.One gets bored of dreses when it is worn for four or five times.
• China
2 Jul 09
i have worn my elder sister's dress but all were clothes were i could save my clothes fee at that time.i was very happy when i got a second-hand clothes and i didn't feel ashamed with second-hand it was a little bit different to your reason.i dressed sister's clothes just for saving money not for making up.
@Porcospino (27560)
• Denmark
29 Jun 09
I often wear my brother's old t-shirts. He buys a lot of clothes, and sometimes he puts the clothes that he no longer wears into some bags, and then my husband and I go through the clothes and pick the things that we want. The rest of the clothes we donate to charity. Some of my brother's t-shirt are too big for me, and I don't like all of the colours that he chooses, but I am usually able to wear some of his old clothes. I have found some nice clothes that way and my closet is actually packed with clothes now.