No boundaries - Which do you prefer, sang by Kris Allen or Adam Lambert?

Adam Lambert - American Idol 8 runner up - Adam Lambert who took the world by storm in American Idol 8 ended up the being the runner up to Kris Allen
@submerryn (1304)
July 16, 2009 1:52am CST
The latest American Idol has ended up in a twist. They have decided to release both the winning song single No Boundaries by the winner Kris Allen and runner up Adam Lambert. This is the first time in American Idol history it is being done. When I was watching the finale a few months ago, I was rooting for Adam as I felt his version of No Boundaries was way better than Kris. No offence to Kris, I love him but Adam's vocal is way more powerful and suitable for a song like No Boundaries. So when Kris was declared the winner and his single was released, I was a little bit dissapointed. Now that they have decided to release Adam's version, I am over the moon! So tell me, which version of No Boundaries do you prefer? Kris Allen's or Adam Lambert's?
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@doryvien (2284)
• United States
16 Jul 09
I like Kris Allen's version. Sure he doesn't have the vocal powers of Adam Lambert, but for me this particular song fits Allen's voice more than Adam Lambert's. I do love Lambert's Mad World, but over all (with due respect to Lambert's fans) I didn't like his style. I rooted for Allen and I'm happy he got the top spot. Peace!
@submerryn (1304)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 09
Aw, I dont like Adam's style too. I just like his version of THIS particular song only. But in my country, the radio is only playing Kris Allen's version. So the more I listen to it, the more I got used to it. In a good way though.
@marcialoyd (1173)
• United States
23 Nov 09
I Prefer Kris Allen's Version. However I came across a version on You Tube the other day with Kara DioGuardi singing no Boundaries and it was AMAZING. In my opinion I think she blows Adam and Kris both out of the water. It can be heard here She definitely deserves her spot as an Idol Judge.
@ImNotFish (106)
• Singapore
16 Sep 09
Both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert are really great singers. They are really hard to be compared that they are really different kind of singers, just like comparing an apple with orange. I've listened to both version of No Boundaries, I like Adam's version initially as I really feel the "no boundaries" in his vocal, and it feels like soaring up to the sky listening to his version. But after sometime, when I listen to Kris' version,he may not have the superior vocal as compared to Adam, his style is more soulful and really touched me. I enjoyed both versions, if I really had to say which one I prefer most, its goes to Adam Lambert.
@HansonFan (1653)
• United States
11 Nov 09
This doesn't seem to be Adam's type of song and I hear that reflected in his version. I prefer Kris's version much more, but then again I am a Kris fan. Both of their CDs sound good (I have to admit I've been listening to Kris's on the AOL preview a lot already, lol).
@MrsV163 (16)
• United States
26 Aug 09
If I remember correctly..During season 4 BOTH Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice released the dreaded "winners song"..I'm a Glambert all the way!!
• Philippines
10 Sep 09
i like adam's version more. he was my bet.
• Philippines
16 Jul 09
I like Kris Allen because he has a great voice, great style and performs better compared to Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert is good in rock, but I think that he is more fit to be in the theaters