How many work outfits should a person have?

United States
July 19, 2009 1:23pm CST
I only have about ten outfits meaning every two weekes I am wearing the same outfits again. Is this appropriate?
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@elenyae (389)
• Australia
18 Sep 09
10 outfits is fine...I mean, you can always mix up the tops and jackets and it looks new. Besides, it's not meant to be flashy anyway...just smart. And people who judge you are jackasses anyway and aren't worth your time. xP You're certainly not gonna get fired because you wear the same outfit every two weeks. :P
@thea09 (18314)
• Greece
18 Sep 09
Hello dreamangel. what a fascinating and unique discussion you have created here. I note that you probably work a five day week so a different outfit for every work day for two weeks. This is a more than adequate supply but so as you don't appear boring around the workplace try to change them around so if you wear one outfit on a Monday then next time you wear it wear it on a Thursday that way you will really suprise everyone and they'll all be talking about your nice outfits.
@kingroaw (13)
• United States
19 Jul 09
Me personally, only had 5 outfits this last year while going to work. i was in sales and just mixed and matched my shirts, ties, and pants. It makes for more combinations that you think! Just think though, some places make you wear a tshirt for their company. So 5 pairs of pants only makes for 5 outfits if you have to wear the same old shirt (even if you have 100 of the same's the same shirt). When you say 10 outfits, are you counting pants and shirts together or seperate? can 10 pants and 10 shirts makes 100 combonations!!
@OConnell87 (1045)
19 Jul 09
i think you have a lot more than the average person, so no one would notice that you were wearing the same outfit because your not really and most people do this anyway
@rainmark (4302)
19 Jul 09
Hiya, I don't have any, coz i am not yet working. But if ever i get a work, i will going to buy atleast 3 work outfits. Happy posting.
@daeckardt (6239)
• United States
19 Jul 09
I think ten outfits should be adequate, especially if you can mix and match. That way, even if you wear the same clothes, it doesn't necessarily look the same. I think some people go a little overboard when they have a different outfit for every day of the year or something like that. I think the important thing is that it is clean when you wear it.