Problems in INDIAN society........................

July 20, 2009 12:31pm CST
What according to you are the problems Indian society is facing, which directly or indirectly are hampering the advancements of India and preventing India to emerge as a leading Super Power among the World???????????????? According to me. some oth problems are: 1)Bad reservation policies- general student not getting admission in colleges even on securing 90% marks while a SC or ST student does get it on a mere 40%. 2)Corruption 3)Bad politics prevailing. Please do tell us about some more and some preventive measures which can be taken in this context....
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@aerous (13434)
• Philippines
21 Jul 09
There are many problems in India, that must be resolve by politicians. There are no laws that protecting the rights of the woman. There are laws that against human violations. There is no law regulating traditions in India, that upsets women rights. They are only interesting on themselves the abolition of the gay law. They abolish this law but they are not abolish abortion law... India is a good country and will be like China, in the future but they are not imitate politicians in China. They are controlling Business entity so that they can manipulate businesses for their own to ensure that businessmen will not abuse...
@besthope44 (12123)
• India
6 Jun 10
Well pointed..true. The reservation policy is really unworthy, still talented students are not recognized. Corruption and bad politics are too poor for a nation.
• India
6 Jun 10
Thks for ur response. But again my friend some innovative ideas are highly appreciable....
@springs (923)
• India
29 Jul 09
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Everything is a problem.We neglected them when they are plants,now they are every where.Politicians are working for themselves.They are already rich now and they want the property of india under their custody.Rupee has no value.It is problem when it increase and it is also a problem when it decreases.I want india to be like china.No foriegn affiars for some years.Then we can a have chance to grow and increase our rupee but this is not going to happen because most of the companies are dependend on foriegn projects.bad people and bad politics making this golden india into a dirty india.We need a good leader who can change our path and lead us to fight for golden india.I want be the one in that army.
• India
31 Jul 09
Hello my friend..... You seem to blame India and Indians for the problems we are facing. But let me tell you, You as an Indian also has the responsibility to make India a better country. It will not happen just by blaming the others but we have to look at us also. We also in some way or the other are indulged in enhancing the preoblems. For an example, while driving, if suppose we got caught by some traffic police officer and accidently we dont have necessary papers, then by rule we would have to give arund 500 Rs, but we would try to get away from all these by bribing the officers by giving them a 100 rupee note. When it comes to us, we forget all the lectures etc on improving the conditions of our society. Thats why, according to me we should first make ourselves clean, keeping in mind the problems in society.
• India
8 Aug 12
SC and ST candidates are scoring only 40% marks its wrong in some cases only, this is least percentage we can say but this is for the betterment of the SC and Societies who are uneducated not well established. There first generation is studying...and the mental pressure they face as they born and study people even unfriendly with them how can they focus on there studies. Let the new generation grow they there is no need of this reservation. Why Indians are behind......with the US UK or European. Why this reservation has been came into the being...think about it. And feel the feeling of the person who born into SC and ST societies. We are the part of this country but we are treated like enemy..