He borrowed my china, and returned it with the handle of one cups broken???

July 20, 2009 7:04pm CST
Ok, lets say that this neighbor is having his party and he asked me if i could lend him some china... i know that he is a good person so i have trust that my china would return safely... but??? the next day, he returned it with the handle of one of the cups broken. o..o... he must take responsibility with it... How about you? would you dismiss that as an accident and call your neighbor over for tea? would you feel there is no point arguing, so you would dismiss the matter. But you would be much wary about giving out anything else in future? or... You would impress upon your neighbor how much the china had cost you and how you had got it when you were on an expensive vacation to Korea. In fact, you’d make your neighbor feel like a worm for having damaged your property.... or would have a bitter quarrel with your neighbor on the matter? This situation would never happen, because you would never loan out something like that. For me... i may feel there is no point arguing... Its already damage, but at least i can still fix it if it fixable... but i will be much wary about giving out anything else in the future... if its only china and it returned broken, what about money? it wont return anymore... hahaha
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@youless (99253)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Jul 09
I am sorry to hear that. If I were you, I can't do anything but just feel bad to it. If the neighbor is understanding, I think he should say it to you. He apologizes that he broke the china. And he should be responsible to pay for it. Even if you may not want his money, but at least he should do something to express he is sorry to it. Rather than returning the broken china to you but kept silent. I love China
• Singapore
21 Jul 09
Hi youless... China or china? hehehe Yeah, i felt bad about it... i tried my best to fix it, but since its still working, no problem with dat. I have to be careful if im going to lend something.
@underdogtoo (9591)
• Philippines
21 Jul 09
I would not be upset after all he would have to be a good friend of mine to be able to borrow my china. So, some things do get broken sometimes and maybe he is going to offer to pay for it.I would not let him if he is a good friend.
@Porcospino (27953)
• Denmark
21 Jul 09
I wouldn't take it very seriously. Things like that happens sometimes, and it could have happened to me, too. I would expect the neighbour to mention that it was broken and I would expect an apology, but I wouldn't ask him to replace it or make him feel bad about it. It was probably an accident, and the cups etc that I lend out can be replaced. I have a few things that can't be replaced like the cups and plates that my grandmother has made, but I usually don't lend them out.
• United States
21 Jul 09
I would definitely let the neighbor know that the cup was broken. Was it brought back in a box? Perhaps it broke and he didn't notice, or was too scared to admit that he broke the cup.