Islam vs. Terror

November 13, 2006 2:08am CST
How far it is correct to idetify Islam with terror.
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@guesswhomsa (1171)
• India
21 Dec 06
i would probably say that the two words islam and terror are opposites islam does not teach terror the word islam means peace so you can say that islam is the opposite of terror
@vinod18 (172)
• India
21 Dec 06
Muslim - Muslim Brotherhood
Islam never preaches voilence. But now-a-days people are identifing Islam with terror. This is due to recent terrorist activities carrying on by some people in the name of Islam or Jihad (Holy war). Everybody should condemn such activities. But at the same time one should not see all muslims as terrorists. There are lot of good people in Muslims. There are scholars, poets, scientists etc.,