Do you believe that these conditions are real?

United States
July 27, 2009 10:13pm CST
These are just some conditions that some people don't consider as real medical conditions. I would like to know different perspectives about these, and would like to understand both sides. How Do you feel about the following conditions? Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (also known as Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder) a disorder where your internal clock is off and you sleep "unusual" times, such as most people sleep 10pm to 6am or somewhere around those typical hours where as someone with this disorder would sleep from 3am to 11am every night, or noon to 8pm, etc. ADHD Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a disorder where a person (particularly a child) can not pay attention for long periods of time and are unusually hyper. Bipolar disorder or manic depressive this is a mood disorder where a person experiences highs (manic) episodes, some can be to the extreme causing hallucinations and delusions. These moods alternate with depressive moods, these can include suicidal thoughts. Between Highs & lows people with BPD can experience periods of normal moods, they can cycle rapidly, or the can experience mixed episodes where both highs and low are present at the same time. Oppositional Defiant Disorder an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures, children with this disorder go beyond typical childhood behaviors
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@Porcospino (31387)
• Denmark
12 Aug 09
I have never heard about delayed sleep phase syndrome. I have been a nursing student and I have learned about other sleep disorders, but this disorder was never mentioned, so I got curious when I had read your post and I decided to search the name to find out more. From what I have read I think it is a real disorder. I don't really know Oppositional defiant disorder. I have heard the name before, but I don't know the details about the disorder. ADHD and bipolar disorder are real, I know that for sure, and I have met people suffering from both disorders. I have had many depressions myself, and the doctors asked me questions in order to find out if I had bipolar disorder or not, but I have never have any manic episodes, so I didn't get diagnosed as bipolar.
@mrakobesie (1246)
• United States
28 Jul 09
Didn't study delayed sleep yet, but i do know that people are not supposed to function on 24 hour days, people should have 25 hour days. there was an experiment done where people lived without any knowledge time of day and they switched to 25 hour days instead of 24 hour days. This might have something to do with it. ADHD is terribly misdiagnosed, half the people that were diagnosed with it don't actually have it, they are just being kids. ADHD can be easily treated with a diet change, it's often just a lack of some nutrients that cause the disturbance. Bipolar is very serious, this is very real, but can also be treated with psychotherapy and diet change. many psychiatric disorders are linked to something that happened long ago and people might not even remember. It can also be because of imbalance in the brain that can sometimes be fixed if people simply eat what mother nature intended.