Do you find it difficult to eat in public alone?

July 29, 2009 10:11am CST
Some people find it very difficult to eat in public by themselves. Either they feel strange because everyone else is sitting in groups of two or more; or they simply find themselves focusing too much on the mechanics of eating and digesting a meal rather than enjoying pleasant conversation to distract them from the simple process of consuming food.does it make you nervous to eat by yourself in public?
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@tzaiwah85 (132)
• Philippines
1 Aug 09
It actually depends on the situation. I looked at the people around me and that's when I'll decide whether I'll eat or not. It also depends on my biological needs. If I'm too hungy, then I forget the people around me and concentrate on munching my food.
@Porcospino (30477)
• Denmark
31 Jul 09
It depends where I am eating. I love to eat at foreign restaurants for instanse Indian, Chinese or Mexican restaurants, but I wouldn't go there by myself. I enjoy the food at those places, but don't like to eat alone, and I need company in order to really enjoy the time that I spend at the restaurant. I love talking to my husband or a friend while we are eating. If I am very hungry and just need a quick meal I might eat at McDonald's or a similar place and then I don't mind eating alone.
• India
29 Jul 09
u ve made a very good observation... it happens to me sometimes specially if day is very low for me...else normally i dont come across such conscious situatons..moreover im an absent minded person..i get lost in thoughts very it deviates my concentration and even forget that im alone..
• Indonesia
29 Jul 09
No, I enjoy eating alone in public Honestly, i'm slow at eating so when I eat with friends or family i'm the last one who finish my meal.. eating alone give me time to enjoy my food well and I love watch people,, so while eating I can watch other people, wondering where will they go and what's his/her feeling now.. I found it's more peaceful eating alone..although I like eat together with friends too, but i have no problem in eating alone in public
• China
29 Jul 09
the first year in college,i do real feel nervous.but now,it seems usual,sometimes i also enjoy it , eating alone is just a chance to let youself think and relex.
• Malaysia
29 Jul 09
i kind of do..i feel quite awkward eating alone in public. it just feels weird, i dunno why. if i have no one to eat with i'll usually take-away the food
• United States
29 Jul 09
i sometimes do enjoy eating alone. but then again i do sometime feel awkward eating alone.
@jayrene (2712)
• Philippines
29 Jul 09
no, i dont find it difficult eating alone in public. im used to it already. back in college, when i was in first year, i always eat alone because im new and have no friends, i got conscious the first time, but have gotten used to it as the days went by. up to now, its really okay with me to eat out all by myself.