Anyone else sick of socially irresponsible commercials.

United States
July 31, 2009 1:01pm CST
I cannot hardly stand to watch commercials on TV. They all seem to be socially irresponsible in some way or another. Someone watching their friends car get trashed while they ask questions about their auto insurance. The Gecko stealing his bosses first earned dollar and compounding it by not admitting it. A man hiding his snack at a party do he doesn't have to share with his friends. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture. I have even emailed a few of the companies to tell them how disgusted I am with the message that they are sending.
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• United States
31 Jul 09
You are so right sandes! I also disagree with half the commercials I see. But I also use some of these things as examples to my kids of what not to do. Unfortunately, that's the direction that our world is going even if not all of us want it that way. And more unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop it. the majority happens to get their way most of the time and the minority just gets pulled along behind them, though reluctantly. and there are some tv shows I don't watch just because I don't want my kids to see the way some people act. I just try to be a good example and hope they follow it.
@vinay316 (301)
• India
31 Jul 09
I too am sick of some of the commercials that I get to see on TV these days. But there are some commercials that really help the society in creating awareness about a particular product.