Unthankful jobs...

August 3, 2009 2:20am CST
Volunteer work is great! It brings out the good side of a person. Imagine doing work without pay? And work is not always easy too. Last month, I had the opportunity to do some volunteer job. The organization is in great financial need and they need extra hand to meet some. I thought it turned out really great. We sell many souvenir items and we come up with pretty good designs. Many of the people in my team spend many extra hours at night working on those designs. The process of buying and selling is not as easy as I thought. It needs a lot of hours and effort to do it. But the idea of the item selling and we are reaching our goal is worth the effort. So I thought. Last night we had an evaluation, I was taken aback to hear very harsh feedback. People seem to take for granted the idea that it was a difficult job and unpaid too for that matter. And all they remember are the shortcomings? I was hurt. But then, I was reminded that "I am not working as approved unto men but as unto God." And then I felt okay.
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• India
3 Aug 09
I think real service work, is when you get nothing in return (even compliments). Voluntary work usually gives a good pat on the back and lots of compliments that gives a 'very good feel factor', this motivates alot of people and is a provides a high. But I think the real benefit of voluntary work comes when you don't get anything in return and you've done it solely out of the goodness from your heart. What happened to you sounds like a blessing in disguise.
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@silverfox09 (4722)
• United States
28 Sep 12
I had to do voluntary work in order to finish my studies , it was a requirement . I know it is maybe not the same as a person doing it because they want to help out I was doing it for credit . Well not will be happy with a job as some do , we cant see in the personal life of others .
@elitess (5071)
• Ipswich, England
28 Sep 12
Hello dear fellow volunteer. As I mentioned in another post, I have been volunteering for about 1 year to several non governmental organizations from around the world and it's great and all, except it's not paid. That always seams to be the main problem that comes up, because money is needed to live in this world, at least in the current system that we live in. I do enjoy volunteering don't get me wrong, but I won't be able to dedicate my time as well in the future as I have to take a crappy job at the moment to earn some money to complete several objectives I have set for myself and my future.
@dainy1313 (2386)
• Leon, Mexico
13 Sep 12
Hello beaushell I know quite well what are you talking about. I`ve been doing volunteer job in the last 17 years. I think that God is the one who bless us. When I began volunteer job I was in a really deep depression and heartbroken. But 16 years ago I got married, and then were bornt my three children, the elder will be 15 next year, if God allows. And I´m still married even my parents got divorced a week before we got married. All I ask is God`s favor! Blessing beaushell... dainy