Do you haggle for your price?

August 3, 2009 4:41pm CST
I am pretty sure people have done it, including myself, where we try to haggle or bargain for something because we think it should be lower. I think this is a good thing in any economy, because especially if you are asking the direct seller, because you will get a better deal and the owner will have a better chance at selling his/her item. Have you ever haggled down a price for anything your bought and have you been successful?
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@sizzle3000 (3038)
• United States
4 Aug 09
Most major stores will not haggle at all. If you take up a damaged item usually they will defect it out. This will give them more credit toward their bottom line that selling the item at a loss will. I do know that when a store is going out of business some times you can haggle with them on prices. I found a shelving unit that I wanted and the store was about to close when I asked the auditor if he would take less. He had to check his books and he came back and told me that he could lower the price another ten dollars. I was very happy as well as surprised. The place that I do most of my haggling is yard sales and flea markets. I find that some people who are trying to selling their own stuff will come down in price to get rid of the merchandise. I have also had fun haggling as well. I have made an offer and there have been counter offers and then I would counter until both parties were happy with the price. I have to admit that I got one person to come down to ten and a half cents for the item. This was alot of fun. There are however, people who do get insulted when you offer them less at a yard sale and get angry with you. I always tell the person after I make the offer that it is totally up to them whether they want to lower that price. For the most part people are nice and say yes or no with no problems. I know at my yard sale I have been know to come down in price. However, there are times when I simply say no thank you. I am always polite. It would be nice if you could haggle for everything you need in life but our government would not like that.
@Porcospino (30651)
• Denmark
3 Aug 09
In most shops in my country you can't haggle, there is a fixed price and that is it, but when we buy something at a marked or buy something from a private seller haggling is possible. I am an artist and I use pictures from old magazines in my art. I when I visit a marked I always look for people who sell old magazines, and sometimes I find a good place where there are lots of magazines. I am not good at haggling, but my husband usually helps me to get a good price When we buy old magazines from a private seller, we also try to haggle, I don't want to pay more than about $1 per magazine.
@cher913 (25844)
• Canada
3 Aug 09
well, most stores frown upon it but if the piece has something missing or is damaged in some way, i usually ask and then of course there is garage sales where you can haggle for a better price than the item is listed at.
@chillpill90 (1937)
3 Aug 09
Well i dont call what i do haggling but it saves some money. I go out and see something i want in a shop find one that is slightly flawed eg a top with a little hole in it then take it to a counter and say that its damaged is there anyway i can get a discount. usually this works then i take it home sew it and its fine. This works as long as the hole is not somewhere obvious.