What is your favorite thing to do with your friends.

United States
August 6, 2009 7:52pm CST
We all enjoy hanging out with friends but what are some things you and your buddies like to do? For me it would be go see a movie or maybe play video games.
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7 Aug 09
Good old bit of 'Call of Duty: World at War' - Nazi Zombies is good for me. Incredibly addictive and great fun to play with a mate. My record is level 14 with 4 people, which is apparently, pretty rubbish :P
• United States
7 Aug 09
Haha yeah video games are fun, although I'm more of a Halo geek so i wouldn't know about Call of Duty: World at War I used to play Call of duty4 but it got stolen.
• Philippines
26 Jan 10
With my friends, we usually go to a fancy restaurant or sometimes visit our shop then eat together. We talk some funny things, we laugh together, we share our ideas and opinions, we talk about relationships, or sometimes play boardgames. We also open up our struggles and problems, then pray together.
@uiskana (138)
• Malaysia
30 Oct 09
Yeah for me we will go shopping, movie or play game together.
@MJAL08 (275)
30 Oct 09
I love hanging out with them especially when we are all complete or even in one room endlessly talking about everything. We love the company of one another. We play around, we wrestle XD, we laugh and we learn together.
• United States
5 Oct 09
I enjoy hanging out with my friends a lot. Some of the thing we would do, is going shopping, going to the mall, coffee shops, going to the beach, the park or lake, watching a movie, riding to the country, working out at the gym.
• China
29 Aug 09
Haha, if I hang out with my boy friends, we would acturely stay at some public place and have a look at the beautiful girl that went pass us, and we would enjoy that moment pretty much. While if I go out with a girl then we would proably watch a movie or have dinner togather, or even go shopping sometimes.
@Porcospino (24272)
• Denmark
16 Aug 09
One of my friends and I like to drive around in his car and visit different parts of the country. We like to visit other towns or islands. There are more than 400 islands in my country, and I have visited some of them with my friends and with my husband, but there are still many islands that I would like to visit. When my friend and I go to another town we sometimes visit the local museums, and sometimes we just go for a walk in the town, drink coffee at a café and eat dinner at a nice restaurant. When we don't have a lot of money we just drink a cup of coffee together instead of going out for dinner.
• India
8 Aug 09
i love hanging out with my friends the most..they are the best.. the best thing would be eating out..i love goin out to eat especially with friends..its always a lot of fun..i love hanging out at the malls also..any place can be the best place to be as long as i am with my friends..