what should you do in that case?

@peace001 (727)
August 7, 2009 2:25am CST
you met a person occisionally,you talked each other,and you find he knew you even more than yourself.then you became good friends,but one day he is gone in your life,and you can not contact with him,what should you do?you will feel very sad,or just let bygone is bygone,you will go your way.
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@markmoney (2868)
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
I would feel worried about her. Since she is suddenly gone, I will think that maybe there's something bad happend to her. I would contact her through her number, if it's always out of reach or not available anymore, I would think that maybe she lost her phone or someone snatched it. And she cannot contact me since my number was stored in that phone and she don't memorize my number. So if I know her email add, I would email her, but if not, I would search her on the internet until I find somewhere to contact her. I would also try to go to people who knows her and ask them. If I really can't contact her after doing all the possible things, then I would just pray that she's ok and ask God to guide her and protect her. Of course I will be sad. Every time someone who has been close to us left us or gone, it's always a sad situation. But of course, we should move on and continue our life without them. Happy myLotting!
• United States
7 Aug 09
I know you might be sad and that's normal when the person you care about is no longer in your life. The best thing you can do is remember the good times and go your own way. Everything happens for a reason.
@Arsench (65)
• Spain
7 Aug 09
hi, 1. nobody can know you as well as you, you think that, because u like him and its only your ilusions. If he is gone and doesnt leave any notice or message for you, thats mean that, or you have anything in your character may be (cant say exactly)that he cant support or didnt like, or he had a problem and cant tell you about this or he have a gf. Its only my opinion, everything may happen in this life