Are You Dog Lover

@jen14ed (865)
August 10, 2009 1:31am CST
me i am a dog lovers i love my dog very much i have 3 dogs in my house what about you how many dog do you have in your house and what is breed is its? my dog is a ordinary dog and love them very much can you tell of your story about your dog.
4 responses
• India
11 Aug 09
Yes, I am a dog lover .
@dlbrow (22)
• United States
11 Aug 09
I have 1 big mut dog but she is a very pretty mut. And I also have 5 cats and 5 kids. I don't have room in my house for 5 dogs haha.
@shhheila (1846)
• Philippines
11 Aug 09
yah i love dogs! they are like family to me... i have 4 of them here at home, they are playful and never harm other people like visitors. they are friendly and active, they like to chase each other ... sometimes my dogs scratch on my door because they want to sleep under my bed...
@raineyes (556)
• United States
10 Aug 09
I am also a dog lover. I've adopted five dogs total in my short eighteen years. Unfortunately only three of these are currently living with me. The first dog is a very, very big German Shepherd/Great Dane mix. She's incredibly sweet, protective, and smart, and she sleeps with me every night. She's my baby. I adopted her from a humane shelter when she was only two months old, and now she's about eight, I believe. The second dog is a Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd mix, and she is also fairly large though not nearly as big as the first dog. Her name is Bandit, and she's also smart and loving. She doesn't have very good manners though, but it's only because she wants to be friends with everyone she meets. She doesn't realize how big she is though and tends to try and jump up on people. The third dog is a Miniature Alaskan Spitz - she's purebred, but I also adopted her. I got her six hundred miles from my home on a whim and drove all six hundred miles in a mini van home with her. Turns out she's a great dog. Very chill, very mellow. She's like a living stuffed animal! And she looks like a little white fox with a curly tail. She's bigger than most miniatures though, because the normal size of her breed is a big sled dog. I am definitely a dog lover. I've always been and always will be. Hopefully you will be today, and hopefully you will continue to love and take care of your current and future dogs.