which one that you choose, to continue studying or working?

August 10, 2009 11:57am CST
what your options?
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• Philippines
10 Aug 09
What a great question to reflect on during this time of a global crisis. In my case, if only my grandmother had not doing dialysis sessions and we still have lots of money, I would rather proceed studies in medicine. Since I was in elementary, my mother, my whole family, and even my Godmother (who is Mom's bestfriend) wanted to proceed my studies in Medicine. She wanted me to become a doctor so that I would be the one to cure her whenever she would be sick, she even have said that she would help my mom with the expenses. But unfortunately, God has to get her from us. She was sick a few months before I graduated from my pre-medical course. But since we really need money to help my grandmother's medical assistance and to help my mom with the expenses, I need to work in a call center. Even how tiring it is, especially that the duty hours are at night, I stick to it for the love of my family. Because if I would be working with the course that I have taken, it is very little that it cannot suffice the demands of our expenses. I just hope and pray that someday, I can go to a place to work that it is much, much higher than the pay here in my place, that my mother doesn't need to work anymore. She would just only take care of my sick grandmother. So, to answer your question, with the kind of situation that we have currently, I would rather work than continue my studies. If I could afford to study in the morning and work at night, then, I would do it. But I don't think it would let me.
@vandana7 (71011)
• India
10 Aug 09
It depends upon how studious u r. I think if u r keen on studies, then even if u take up an employment, u will turn to studies and might continue ur education privately. However, if u r inclined to close the books at the slightest pretext, then it is unlikely u would want to take up studies at a later stage in life, and therefore, it would be advisable to for u to continue with ur education as later in life there are several distractions. This seems strange that I am advising a studious person to take up employment, and one who is not studious to continue to study. But then, this is my opinion. In any event, higher education is a must for progressing in this competitive world. And the studious one is capable of gleaning important inputs even from workshpere. Hope my logic made sense.
@CJscott (4182)
• Canada
10 Aug 09
I just got into something where I Earn as I Learn. I like that option. But of the two, it really depends on what you want to do with your life. If you want to get a really great job, and do many great things, it may be best to continue with your studies. If you need money right away. Then it could be best to work and save and continue studies later. Cheers.
@Masssko (239)
• Estonia
10 Aug 09
Hi! I just have my entering exams tomorrow. As soon as I couldn'd find any interesting job, I decided to start "double" studies this year. I'll have my master degree in logistics at university and accounting courses in college. I hope I can manage twice more studying and even enjoy that! Good luck!
• China
10 Aug 09
I am also confused now. just one more year left in the university...and i really hate the chaotic society. studying is my life. it's just so hard so terribe to change into a new identidy, let alone the fierce competition:one thousand applicants for just one position!this summer vocation i stay here and learn japanese everyday. it is part of my preparation for postgraduate entrance examination. maybe things are different in the u.s. but i know doing something is better than just hesitating.