Are we following the true essence of any religion?

@vandana7 (72823)
August 15, 2009 10:01am CST
Hi everybody, my doubts are a. if no religious body was allowed to charitable works, would people turn to religion? b. Is charity a way to snare the needy towards a religion? If so, is it not using the helplessness of the person? c. Is the religion of the rich necessarily the right religion? d. Is relationship with god not as personal as relationship with our own family members? After all, we do ask him / her favors that we could only ask of our family member. Then why do we go on flaunting it to public, and creating so much competition and animosity in the name of something that is supposed to be a source of love, peace, brotherhood, and happiness? e. R v following the true essence of any religion? Please feel free to voice ur opinion with a clear yes or no for each question in same sequence, and elaborating on any any of them. If u feel it depends, u can mention it like that.
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