What can you do with old books you don't need or read anymore?

United States
August 19, 2009 9:50am CST
You can donate your used books to a church or library. If you have friends that like to read you can pass the books along to them. Or you can sell you books online. I found a website that will give you cash for your books. It is free to get an account and free to ship the books to them. You'll get paid through paypal. If anyone is interested in this website just PM me.
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@magickat (382)
25 Aug 09
I do give some books to charity shops, but prefer to sell or exchange online where possible. Sites such as Green Metropolis and Read It swap It are great, you can in effect get new books for the price of a couple of postage stamps. This is way cheaper than buying them new and constitutes a fun form of recycling.
@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
24 Aug 09
Hi Letitia, I usually give them away to charity homes or the Salvation Army. Previously I used to sell them to used book stores; but then I found it was a better idea to give hem away to these organisations, where they decide whether to use the books or sell them.
@maezee (38207)
• United States
22 Aug 09
Instead of selling them, you could also trade them on sites like Book Mooch or Paperback Swap. I like doing this. It feels like recycling almost; giving away a book you don't want and getting a book, in exchange, that you DO want. I like it very much. Otherwise I would give them away / donate them to charity.
• United States
22 Aug 09
Some of them I like to keep, but most of them I pass on to friends and family. Then they do the same. We also donate them to the library, and sometimes I try to sell them. The only problem I have with selling them, is that I don't think there are many things better than reading, so if I am selling books, and someone wants to buy but can't due to financial constraints, I have to just give them the books. How can you deny someone who wants to read? I especially do this with childrens books. I could never deny a child a book. So, I just give a lot of them away. Friendly's has a nice program where you can donate the books, and they sell them for like $0.50, and all the money goes to charity.
@Porcospino (27106)
• Denmark
22 Aug 09
My father-in-law passed away last year, and he had a lot of books. When my husband and I picked up the books there were 2 big boxes, and at first we just took them to our home. We removed the books that we wanted to keep, and then my mother had a look at the books and picked out the ones she wanted to read. After that we took the books to a shop. The owner of the shop didn't want to buy all of them, so we donated the rest of them to a second hand shop. When I have some books that I don't want to keep, I usually ask my family and my friends at first, and if they don't want all of the book, I donate the rest of them to charity. Sometimes I try to sell my old books, but it is not easy to find a shop which wants to buy them, so I usually end up donating them to charity instead.
@jimntam (93)
• United States
21 Aug 09
On the donating aspect. I think donating them to nursing homes would be a good idea. A lot of older people like to read if they still can, and most nursing homes are on limited budgets were purchasing new books isn't a priority for them.
• United States
19 Aug 09
let them decorate your shelf/coffee table
• Philippines
19 Aug 09
Tell you what, I've got tons of books at my home! My dad loves to read and the old books he had read are all stocked in our garage.. Most of the books were given away, while some were destroyed on its own due to its oldness.. I think I'd like to share the books with the less fortunate, actually I have this 80s encyclopedia's which I don't really use anymore, and though it has a sentimental value because my dad bought it for me when I was younger.. I think it's about time to let go of these books and share to those people who need it most..
• United States
19 Aug 09
I donate my books to goodwill and other places that will give them to people who do not have much.
• Australia
19 Aug 09
Hi, Every year I ahve a yard sale and try to sell my books there. Which ever ones dont selll I usually donate them to the salvation army or some other charoty that will resell them to make money for there cause. Its really a good way to donate to charoty if you dont have enough money to do so. I have also tried to sell my books on ebay with little sucess though. I think that is because there are new book stores on ebay that people are more attracted too.