Model found dead in suite case

United States
September 1, 2009 12:19am CST
I was watching on the news where a bautiful model got killed and stuffed in a suite case and her so called boyfriend was on the run. They said she was stangled but the body was so messed up she could not be physically identified. Luckily she had breast implants and was identified my the serial number on the implant. I did not know they put serial numbers on implants. That is so strange and weird. But it did help identify her so it was a very good thing. It is a shame that someone had to die like that. I guess they fond her so called boyfriend in motel where he hung himself. He had to be the murder or else he would not have killed himself. The only other reason I think he would have killed himself is if he knew he could not prove his innocense. To me he is guilty. Not only one but two people died due to a murder. What a horrible tradagy.
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@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
1 Sep 09
That is terrible. I do not think I heard anything about it. It is awful that these people are being murdered and stuffed away like that. I think the boyfriend is guilty too but I am not sure if we will ever know.