Does the Bible say anything specifically about Abortion?

@miajane (361)
United States
November 13, 2006 6:25pm CST
or is it all comparative?
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@DJBounce (84)
• Australia
14 Nov 06
The Bible doesn't specifically state anything about abortion, but there are a couple of scriptures that have been put forward as applicable. Exodus 20:13 says "Thou shalt not kill." Many Christian groups consider that to include abortion, as they say the foetus is a living being at the moment of conception. Exodus 21:22 says "If men... hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, ... he shall be surely punished." Her "fruit" is her child (applicable to a foetus) so this is one that some groups lay at the feet of abortionists. Finally, John Calvin, the sixteenth-century reformer, wrote: "If it seems more horrible to kill a man in his own house than in a field, because a man’s house is his place of most secure refuge, it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light." Hope this has helped... like I said, it isn't anything specific, but is all up to interpretation.
• United States
14 Nov 06
In the 10 commandments...You shall not kill.
@manish_it (223)
14 Nov 06
i dont know