does my lot earnings depend on the number of responces we get?

September 7, 2009 10:46am CST
sorry,i am new to my lot. i just wanted to ask whether the number of responces i get to the disccussion effects my earnings?
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@akuler (3534)
• Malaysia
7 Sep 09
Hi venkat_readingmails, My answer to this question are yes and no. Yes because you can earn more from your discussions that receive a lot of responses BUT you must leave comment on every single response. Your comment must have quality and length. One line comment would not earn you anything. No because you only paid for your own work. You will earn the same amount either your discussion receive 1 response nor 100 responses if you did not leave your comment on the response(s).
• India
9 Sep 09
oh thanks for the tip!
@rosekiss (30313)
• Eugene, Oregon
7 Sep 09
No, as you only earn from your onw activity. It is very imperative that you post comments to responses, in order to get paid. When you do htat, they must be quality as that is how we get paid by posting uality, as that is what mylot is looking for. If you don't comment to the reponses you get, then you won't make anyting only for the first one, and no others. When you start disccussions, you also must make quality discussions as well. They need to be longer than just one line and a few words. I hope this has all helped you understand how earnings are made in here. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.