Dean Koontz

United States
September 9, 2009 3:52pm CST
I just finished reading a very good book from author Dean Koontz. It is called False Memory and is a great thriller/suspense novel. How many people here on mylot like reading books from this author. I think he is a good and creative writer and recomend his novels to anyone who likes a good thriller. Which Dean Koontz book do you think is best?
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9 Sep 09
Oh thank you for telling me that. I have this book sitting on my nightstand and it's been sitting there for some time (3 months?) because theres always been another book that takes priority because I like reading non-fiction so much. False Memory was the book I bought to help me out of that but I just do not know if its going to work but the fact that you told me it is a good thriller makes me want to give it another try. I am trying not to ask too many questions but the title is enticing.
• United States
14 Sep 09
update: I gave False Memory a try and Im really getting into it, his style of writing reads so fluidly that I think I might be switching over to some fiction reading FINALLY, thanks for giving this heads up
@Porcospino (28531)
• Denmark
26 Feb 10
At the moment I am reading "The mask" by Dean Koontz, and I like it very much. I would like to read some of his other books when I finish this one. I don't know "False memory", but it sounds interesting. Many years ago I read another book by Dean Koontz, and I think that it was called "The house of thunder" I don't remember the details of the story, but I liked it. I know that he has written many other books, and I want to look for them when I visit the library next time.
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
3 Oct 09
I recommend anything written by Koontz. Someone recommended his books to me a while back, and they are amazing. His books encompass a pretty diverse spectrum of genres: horror/thriller, science fiction (not too many of these), suspense, psychological thriller, and contemporary fiction (there might be more, but these are the ones I've read). I also enjoy the Shopaholic books. They are a great, quick read when you don't want something to heavy and serious; but this does not mean they aren't interesting. Stephen King comes highly recommended from me. His cleverly-crafted books are usually much thicker than the average novel, and this is part of the charm and attraction of his works.
• United Kingdom
12 Sep 09
I love reading books by Dean Koontz, he's a good author and he writes really well. When I read his books I'm definitely taken to another time and place and this is what makes a good book I think, you get to forget about everything around you for a short while. Well, I'm not sure what book I would recommend as being his best but they are all very good and I tend to read them two or three times. Andrew
@jazzsue58 (2668)
9 Sep 09
I used to read his books a lot, but kinda got side-tracked. I like his mid-career stuff better than his latest books. I prefer his horror/sci fi books to what he does now, as he seems to have jumped on the serial killer/thriller bandwagon. Still, he's better than anyone else on the shelves right now so I might just take a look.
@opalina143 (1239)
• Morristown, New Jersey
9 Sep 09
I love Dean Koontz, even though I have not read all that many of his books. I went to a library book sale a few years ago and got about twenty novels by him. So far I have only read Seize the Night (and its sequel, can't remember what is), Odd Thomas, Lightning, Phantoms, the first two Frankenstein books, and Hideaway. I think I have every book he ever wrote though, even his newest two. I have False Memory, and I haven't read it yet. I think maybe I will pick that book up next. I really loved Seize the Night the best, and I also read the sequel but I can't remember what it was called. I would have to say my next favorite is Odd Thomas. That is a really good book- it has two sequels, but I havne't read them yet. Maybe when I finish the book I am currently reading (an old horror novel by Robert Grant) I will pick up a Dean Koontz book. Maybe one of his newer ones? Or I could even dig up False Memory, which I think is in my bookcase by my door. I have at least fifteen to twenty books by him I haven't read yet, I really made off like a bandit in that library book sale. I will check out False Memory. I encourage you to read Seize the Night if you haven't already, plus the Frankenstein novels and Odd Thomas. Really I have never been disappointed by any book by him. He is truly a talented man.
@PamelaL (252)
• United States
9 Sep 09
Thanks for reminding me! I will put that on my list. I love Dean Koontz. I think the last of his I read was "The Good Guy". Also very good if you haven't already read it.