This is my "last" semester!

United States
September 10, 2009 3:23am CST
I was thinking about my practicum and planning ahead. Which lead me to think about my senior field. In January, I will be in a classroom five days a week and if I have to take any class they will be on weekends. So, I will no longer be on campus and if I do it will only be for three hours a week on a Saturday. So, this is my last semster on campus. Taking classes. Really being a student. Next semester, in only four more months!, I'll be a teacher in trainning. I feel so stupid for not realizing this before. It feels sad and good at the same time. A bit unreal, too. A five year journey is speeding towards the end. Has something like this ever happened to anyone? My mom told me awhile ago she'd talk to old coworkers on their last day and they would say to her "I'll see you..." and then realize they won't see each other again.
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@zerozll (85)
• China
8 Nov 09
Hi smartie First I wanna to say congratulation to you,because from your words it shows that you have completed your study and will bagin a new jouney.It is just second year for me in college and I think I should value it. Someone always tells me that when you graduate you will totally realize time flies and how valuable the time you have,and how pity you haven't enjoyed it and haven't done the thing you like. I hope you have no such kind of feeling and if you real have ,it's also very normal. Best wishes for you
@suzzy3 (8347)
12 Sep 09
My so was like you after he finished the spring term in was in April he suddenly realised it was only eight weeks before he finished his exams and could leave school for good if he wanted,he went back to year 12 for his Alevels on a two year course.He kept saying how he could not beleave it,compulsory education over .I said the same thing it only seemed like yesterday I was pushing him up the road in his pram.Time goes by so fast and suddenly it catches up with you and it does take some digesting.
@med889 (5952)
10 Sep 09
I am very happy for you as it is the last semester. I need to complete more though!So you will be a teacher thats great though I never wished to become one as I still remember how we used to tease the teachers and to give them names. Well when I left my college there were farewells like these but then you see this is not real, there are friends who no more recognize you, friends who are still best friends and friends who are simply no more in this life.