mylot and my summer break

@ESKARENA1 (18299)
September 12, 2009 4:59am CST
WELL, hello there, I just returned to mylot after my summer break. Here it has been mild but wet. It feels good to be back, normal service soon to be resumed. How has your summer been? Doing anything different?
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@rb200406 (1825)
• India
15 Sep 09
Welcome back.Eve i have been taking a break from mylot & is back after many days.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
14 Sep 09
Hi there. I was wandering what had happened to you. I am so glad to see that you are back with us. My summer has been full of work, on and offline. I do not mind it though. I like to get things done and make money. I have been painting inside my house also.
@ricknkae (1726)
• United States
13 Sep 09
Wecome back ! Nothing new here...just ol' same ol' over busy and tired, no summer break for us :( Anyway welcome back to mylot on which we are on and off now due to being so busy but we try to come back when possible Cheers to you
@pyewacket (44031)
• United States
13 Sep 09
Hi ESKARENA and welcome back...I was wondering where you had disappeared to and thought you forgot about MyLot...there are a LOT of MIAs here at MyLot land. No nothing out of the ordinary with me this summer, and glad the summer and the horrid heat is finally gone..LOL
@Debs_place (10524)
• United States
12 Sep 09
Wow, you have been gone the whole summer! Welcome back! My summer has been rainy but fun. I have started hiking and walking a lot and am going to start (or attempt to start) running in the next few weeks. Overall, not a bad summer.
@derek_a (10898)
12 Sep 09
Hi Eskarena, Summer here in South Wales has been a complete washout. This September though it pretty good so far. High pressure and high temperatures during the day, and comfortable nights, because it is cooler. We have not done anything this summer, because we finally moved house last April after a traumatic 12 months when our first sale fell through and the credit crunch hit. It was for the best though, because we have got a better deal all round compared to the first deal we had last year.. Nice to see you back on myLot.. - Derek
@sylvia13 (1851)
• Nelson Bay, Australia
12 Sep 09
Yes, I had not seen your name around ML for a while! Nice to have you back! Well, our summer was not really one, as it was mostly cold and VERY wet! Much like yours, I guess! But we were lucky not to have flooding in our area, even though we live on a flat that is up on the 7th floor, but many other people were not so lucky! Take care!
@sacmom (14250)
• United States
12 Sep 09
Hi ESKARENA, welcome back! There's nothing really new with me, other than maybe my avatar. LOL See you around mylot!