Pretty or Sexy?

September 14, 2009 4:54am CST
Girls, what do you rather be called, PRETTY or SEXY? Guys, would you rather date a sexy girl or a pretty girl? Which would you end up in a long term? Which would you like to bring home?
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• China
14 Sep 09
well,i'd rather be called pretty,i think sexy comes more easier than pretty,so i'd rather choose pretty...happy mylotting
• Philippines
14 Sep 09
Thanks for sahring your opinion, catherine. :)
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
24 Oct 09
Pretty is easy to achieve with clever use of make up. Sexy is that undefineable 'something.' If you've got it, it's obvious, if you haven't got it, you can't learn it or manufacture it. I've been told I'm sexy - even at the age of 57. No way could a lady of my age be classed as pretty; pretty is for girls, sexy is for real women. I'm sexy and proud of it.
@rjl1989 (190)
24 Oct 09
Really you want a pretty girl when you take her to meet your family and friends, or out in public. And you want a sexy girl when the two of you are alone. Maybe i'd take sexy over pretty if i had to choose though, i imagine it'd be more fun...
• India
23 Oct 09
When i was 14+ plus i was like priety girl but now i am 19+ and like sexy lookng girls which have good figure and good attraction thanks to share with me