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New Zealand
September 14, 2009 6:13am CST
It is amazing how precious family becomes when they live on another continent. I moved to New Zealand over a year ago with my hubby and two children and left my Dad and Mom in South Africa. When I left I knew it was going to be hard. But at 39, I felt it would not be as hard as it would of been had I been 21, I was wrong. It is worse because you understand what you are missing and appreciate what you have. I am an only child and my parents are also only children so our family is very small, whether this makes a difference to the separation I am not sure. I have only now stopped missing them everyday. I had this morbid feeling that because they are now over 60, something could happen to them, thank goodness this feeling has subsided, the reason for this could be that we are visiting them for Christmas. Cannot wait. Now just to get through the plane trip with my son who is nearly three. Has anyone got idea's on how to keep him amused.(much appreciated) Hope you all have a great day.
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• United States
14 Sep 09
I know the feeling... I came to United States when i was only 10 years old with only my mother, who brought me here, i never thought over 11 years later i am still yet to see my dad eye to eye, with only phone calls once every 3-5months.... I feel bad because i feel like i abbaonded him =/ and cant visit him at moment but i think about him every day and still love him just wish i could tell him that eye to eye and that i never stoped thinking about him even thought i am now 22 years and i still think he was greatest dad ever and i want to grow up to be as strong family man as he was, my mom had not one thing negative to say about him other than that he was stubborned ;P (Which in her case u could say the same, and i got now stubbornness of both of them combined) Right now my mother's mom (Grandma) is very ill and is in hospital and my mom is crying/worried cause doctors saying she might be able to make it, but becuse of are stutes right now =/ we cant go back to Poland to vist to check up on her and everything... Most of are family is their, but you know how family is you got the good kind, and than u got the bad kind that only care about money and inheritance... so we hopeing and praying with my mom that she make it through just so that we could see her at least one more time in are lives... and to be able to talk to her and make her smile.... For your son on airplane.. i would advice action figures O.o, or electical device like a turned off phone... he might just sleep through the whole thing since airplane is tiering or open window so he can watch the scenary.
• United States
14 Sep 09
i think i only take a some vacacions around the world but i come back to take care to my parents
@GardenGerty (125463)
• United States
9 Jan 10
I hope you have had a good Christmas vacation to see your family with your son. I trust that the flight went well. We now have so many rules it is hard to find something safe to take to play with on a plane.
@hotsummer (10797)
• Guam
22 Sep 09
i have never been far away from home. sometimes i wish i could for sometimes cause i want to feel to be free and explore life and the world that i have not been given the chance to. i think it is hard to be away no matter what age you are for different reasons. sometimes we just miss things. even though we want to go away we still going to miss home. it will be hard not to miss it. sometimes not the people at home do we miss but our house itself. like we miss staying in our place, sleeping in our place, doing what we do every day. but for my family as long as i know that they are okay, i will be worried and i can live far away from them as long as they are in perfect condition.
@lynnemg (4536)
• United States
15 Sep 09
When I first moved away from my parents, really moved far away, it was really hard for me too. I was 30, a wife, and a mother, but all of those things didn't make it any easier. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until I went to visit them that the idea of living so far away stopped bothering me so much. I went to visit, and was more than ready to come back home when the time came. That doesn't mean that I don;t miss my family, and it doesn't meant that I don't want to be nearer to them, it just means to me that I have finally become independant enough that I don't feel the need to have my parents close by at all times. I still call on a regular basis and I wish they lived closer to me, but I have become comfortable in my life and confident in myself.
@seanbryan (351)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Sep 09
Hi kriedk! I know the feeling as I'm also far away from my mom. My dad had passed away for a long time and my mom is living with her sister and a cousin back home. My brother with his family is having a house of there own. Though I always wanted taking her to live with us she doesn't want to leave the life that she used to taking care of a small farm is her past time. And now that she's coming here for a visit I want the days to speed up. I'll be having her for the first time on Christmas after I get married and so with my first baby. I'm really excited! Cheers!
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
14 Sep 09
It's hard to be away from family no matter what the circumstances are. I am just so happy that today we have technology; the internet, mobile phones to communicate efficiently. I also worry about my parents but on the other hand, I need to make a living and that is the reason why I travel a lot. I just try to look to the brighter side always and I do my best to make sure they're well and taken care of.
@med889 (5952)
14 Sep 09
This is really nice to talk about parents like this, I live with my parents and when my sisters got married I was really very sad and now when I think I will get married one day too and leave the parents makes me more sad, Maybe you should think of some memorable things they used to do for you and work on it.