Does having a job while in school help or hurt?

United States
September 18, 2009 7:51pm CST
For some people it helps focus time management/attention but for others it hurts a lot. What do you think?
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@lynnemg (4536)
• United States
20 Sep 09
It helped me when I was in school because I learned how to manage my time better. We had a very strict rule growing up that if we had a job or other activity and our grades fell at all, we had to give up the job or acitvity. I had to find the time for everything including my studies which really did help me with time management. For some though, who are not raised being told just how important schooling is, a job could really hurt them because they would frequently put off studying for fun or work. In other words, it really depends on the person, how they are brought up, how well they study, and how important everything is to them.
19 Sep 09
As long as you can manage your time very well, having a job while studying will be very helpfull. I mean we can get a little extra income by ourselves without requesting from parents. But if your study costs you a lot of time, then it will be hurtfull. =)
@lelin1123 (15632)
• Puerto Rico
19 Sep 09
It can be accomplished but it takes alot of hart work. I think sometimes either the job or the school work will suffer because it is very hard to do both and give 100% to the job and the studies. You have to be really disciplined or extremely smart.
@ibuemma (2954)
• United States
19 Sep 09
I think it depend how good are you to manage the time. When I was in college, i did have the part time job, maybe more like seasonal job. I just have to be careful when the exam week around, usually i didn't work at all that time. It's hard if you feel that you won't need to continue the education because the job give you good money.
@cavella (98)
• Indonesia
19 Sep 09
yeah.. Im both student and part-timer..It not that hurt actually,all you have to do is choose the prioritize School or your job, and i suggest you, school has to be your priority.. But sometime get paid makes you excited and addicted to work.. If you can manage time well,them it's not a problem anynore :] Try to use time management table and manage yourself.. goodluck:D
@marctiu (830)
• Philippines
19 Sep 09
I think that having a job while in school is a very difficult task, but I have one friend that she have graduated college by having a full time job and she did manage her time well. I believe that she is now working in a bank and she happened to be a very great friend to me. I think that it is up to a person on how he/she manage time and the way I see it nothing is impossible and it always help as long as you know what you are doing and you know how to manage yourself and time. Happy mylotting.