What's the best course to take up in college?

September 20, 2009 6:03am CST
College life is one of the exciting part of our life. But before you enter this new life of schooling, you need to choose, choose among the courses available. Which do you think could be the best course for you, the course that will put you in success in the future. There are lots of factors such as your skills, your likes, your budget etc. For you, what's the best course and why? I took accountancy and it works for me.
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@doryvien (2293)
• United States
20 Sep 09
The concept of "best course" is relative, it depends on the interest of the person taking the course. One can't definitely perceive Accountancy as the best course when he/she is hates Math. In the same manner that you can't persuade someone to take up medicine when he/she vomits or passes out at the very sight of blood. My parents told me to take up Accounting, so this was my course on my first 2 years in college. Then I realized I enjoyed the lessons in Psychology which deals with human behavior more than the debits and credits on financial statements in Accounting. So on the following year I shifted to Psychology. I'm happy with my decision. Interesting post.
@janebeth (2033)
• Philippines
20 Sep 09
hi cyber, being a college student is not easy, it's another chapter in your life.. so if ever you will go to college, you should think a million times on what course you will take up because it is your future.. there are many wonderful courses to take up, like law, medicine, teaching, nurse and etc.. but it all depends on you, because you are the one who will study and the one who will face that challenging chapter in your life.. janebeth.
• China
20 Sep 09
Hi cyberjaze!College life is not only the exiciting part of our life but also the most important part of our life.Our work and lives after graduating from college depend a lot from our college life.Some one may say that one may do jobs different from their major.But whatever jobs we do,our jobs will also be affected by our college courses.So choosing courses in college is very important. I then choosed some couses which i like best and some course which i have little interest.The results show that what i had choose is right.Some courses seem dull to me,but i also try my best.And now the courses come into use.