do you check your boyfriend/girlfriend's friendster account?

September 24, 2009 10:15am CST
do you check your boyfriends account? i often check my husbands friendster account before without asking permission from him. i would often read his message and sent items and would sometimes even delete message from girls. i know that it's invading his privacy but i'm glad i did that because there were some instances that i would discover that my husband was cheating on me (but that was before). i'm glad that i did that because if i didn't he would stop cheating and maybe up until now he still sends sweet messages to his ex's and other girls.
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• Philippines
28 Oct 09
I do. But it is not about being privy or so, after all he is aware of it and has even given me permission to check it from time to time cause i am more often online than he is.
• Germany
24 Oct 09
ofcourse if you love him or her you will check it.
@Preciousgem (1182)
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
I check my boyfriend's friendster account, because he gave me permision, to organize it, an i am happy that he trust me to manage his account.
@taztheone (1721)
• India
24 Sep 09
I do check my girlfriends online accounts & even her cell phone messages & she too does the same with me. This is because we have the right to do so & we consider them as a part of our lives & not some friend or a relative. Your partner will have all the right to interfere in our lives because they are known as life partners. If we are not doing any thing wrong, I don't think any one will have a problem if they check anything. But if we are flirting or have intentions of flirting with others, then there is no doubt that we won't like our partners checking our stuffs. Happy Lotting
@LdeL0318 (6402)
• Philippines
29 Sep 09
I'm guilty of that also. But then on my case, I was permitted to do so. Although sometimes it's been the cause of our fights. As you have said it's some kind of invading their privacy and seems that trust is lacking in doing so. But then, I just can't help it. lol =)