Should india prepares its milittary power keeping in mind pakistan

@1anurag1 (3580)
September 27, 2009 1:29pm CST
I have seen many time that india compare it some time with pakistan as this is more powerful and it really does not need to take care about it. but we have many other issues with different countries because of our peaceful nature. small countries around us dont care about our problems with them. Whether it is the matter of ground or people, the leader there for gettin popularity say different thing against india (which is a big power in compare with them but dont claim this everytime). I think india must also be very stiff in those cases like US when these countries dont care about the policies in between. And the millitary power must be maintained in compare with china atleast to make a balance in asia. what you think and say
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@vandana7 (73720)
• India
27 Sep 09
Hi anurag, just like we have centralized monetary system, and international courts, why cant we have an international army that is responsible for all security problems, and peace. As things stand, this is just like two monkeys and the cat story. The monkeys (India and Pakistan) keep on fighting amongst themselves, and the cat (arms supplying nations) eats away the pancake, leaving the monkeys hungry!
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
28 Sep 09
You are saying the correct thing, and as you have told about some international army it already exist as united nation's one. but it is not very effetive in every case. what we can do only whatever in our hands. we can make our policies and implementation of them. the thing which matters is the honesty here. When we go thorough the news about china , which is construction roads on all its border to India for free and hassle free movements of its army why we are lacking even we have a budget in billion dollars for military. The thing which can work in my view that the confusion about us which other countries have should be clear as we only dont have the weapons we know how to use them. Atleast we must be given the respect what we deserve by those small countries which think about us as a nation which only speaks and dont react.