do you believe in horoscope? are you a fan reader of horoscope?

@Craicha (801)
October 4, 2009 1:08am CST
lots people dnt believe in hororscope but in my case...maybe yes or maybe a site that i join that i put my horoscope as one of the app there il get my daily horoscope and every morn when i start open my comp. that site is the i 1st open and read my horoscope for the day....but theres lots of time i can say , yah horoscope tells my day ....but sometimes not...coz dnt happen..but still reading it is just a fun..:0 have a nice day..:)
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• India
4 Oct 09
I don't believe in knowing about my horoscope. I believe it is all in our hands whether to make or mar our life. Its all in our will to make decisions and to go ahead in life in the path of success.
@advokatku (4036)
• Indonesia
4 Oct 09
beliebe in horoscope ? come on pretty ... you not life in prehistoric time. You life in 21 century ... I am not believe in horoscope because I believe what do I get in today is because my efforts.
@vandana7 (71956)
• India
4 Oct 09
Hi Craicha, I dont really believe in horoscopes. But I am a great one to be open to all possibilities. May be the science in true form existed and we no longer have the relevant information about such calculations! We've after all lost information about how pyramids were made, isn't it? So - may be - this is one more science that we are just trying to reconstruct, because of which at times the predictions are true, and at other times they are not. Practically, however, I feel astrologers deliberately write a lot. Much of it doesnt materialize. But then, we are not really going to have a go at their necks, are v? Even legally any actions against them, for relying on their predictions are not eforceable, as it is not a recognized science. The concept of "buyer be aware" comes into play. So they utter somethings that make us feel good, and fill us with hope. The predictions are also such that one sentence may be interpreted positively, and the other sentence may be predicting the opposite! Effectively, they would have predicted nothing! LOL. Most of horoscopes are conman job. A few may have studied some mathematics about it. But even they are not perfect. I, however, still like to read horoscopes. This is because if something good is written, I find my frame of mind improves, even though I dont believe it. If something bad is predicted, of course, I cooly say - I dont believe in horoscopes. LOL.
@hexeduser22 (6708)
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
I personally don't believe it but sometimes I find myself reading my horoscope for the day in newspapers and somehow relate to it at times My mother is a fanatic though. She believes in every bit she read from it.