Should it have been "Till Old Age do Us Part"?

@laydee (12811)
October 8, 2009 10:09am CST
I have seen and known of a lot of partners who, when they grow old, grew farther from each other, most especially in the realms of love and emotion. They tend to sleep in different rooms or bed for the matter. Some are even irritated and calls the partner 'old man' or 'old lady' in a not so-loving manner. Some even think their partners smell and would want to wish him/her to be out of his/her sight. Do you think it's because they've out-loved each other? Yes, there are few who still have the emotions of love for each other, but most don't have it anymore. Should it have been "Till Old Age Do Us Part" instead of "till death do us part?"
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@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
9 Oct 09
I think in most instances it is not a lack of love, it is just a stark familiarity. Usually older people sleep in seperate bedrooms because it is more comfortable for them to sleep alone and stretch out or because one of them snores so bad the other one can't sleep. They insult each other out of comfortability. My husband and I do that all the time, but we stil love each other very much. Sometimes old people just get crochety and crabby. But most of them do still love each other.
@rosepedal64 (4191)
• United States
8 Oct 09
That is so cute..LOL..I think you might be onto something...I know people like that too and when I ask why they stayed their response was always Im too old to move on..I think they just get too comfortable with the marriage and they don't try to rekindle any feelings. Some I think are in physical pain all the time and just take it out on their spouse which in return causes ill feelings to build over time. Very cute discussion..