Have you ever trusted the wrong person?

United States
October 12, 2009 6:51pm CST
I have trusted the wrong person before about a secret I had and she spread it all over town. I was so mad because if you are someones friends you don't tell someone else secrets. I know some people can't contol themselves when it come to keeping a secret. If they are a good friend they should have more self control when comes to friendship and being a true friend. When you tell something to a friend it is suppose to be trust and that does not show trust when she told my secret. It hurt my feelings that one person I thought I could trust I can't trust. I would not do that to someone. If they tell me to keep it secret I do. Friends and friendship means alot to me.
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@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
You know what, if you really want your friends to be loyal to you, you should first keep your secret to yourself. I think you learned it the hard way and I hope you remember to keep your secrets to yourself. You see, people are people, as long as they have something to talk about they will always talk about everything they know. There are times when we don't feel that the secret (some other friend told you) isn't really a big deal so they spread it out to other people. As it was said, you can never hide a fire because there will always be smoke. So in order for your personal secret to remain a secret, you yourself should be able to keep it. About the topic, yes, I have certainly trusted people who in the end weren't the people I should have trusted. I think it's sad really when in every good intention you do, there will always be people who shouldn't be trusted. I don't know why, perhaps it's in man's humanity that you can't really trust someone 100% else you'd be disappointed.
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
i agree with u, laydee. it is never too good to part away any secrets to other people. i had the same bad experience too from an office mate whom i thought i could trust. i have learned my lesson too and since then, shy away from girls' talk. i even put earphones and listen to music to deter me from hearing anything. this way, nothing heard is nothing said.
@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
20 Oct 09
I have trusted so many people in my lifetime, it isn't even funny. None of them could be trusted, I found out much later on. I have a hard time trusting anyone these days because of it too.
@redphile (2265)
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
i think that happens especially if youre an easily trusting pers0n. S0methmes im like that and regreted things but n0w im careful giving away impt information to other people.
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
13 Oct 09
Yes I had a good friend who was like a sister to me, until she decided she wanted the fellas I was going out with, she played two ends against the middle, telling him one thing and me another, she ended up enticing him and I know it takes two to tango so needless to say I lost two important people in my life but the most important thing I lost was trust for other people.