Do you still keep your elementary school textbooks?

October 13, 2009 8:19am CST
hi guys, do you still keep your elementary school textbooks? what about other textbooks for your school years? I only have the ones from my university but only couple of them, which i feel still useful for me now, do you think we shoudl keep them for record? at least they can bring back some nice memories, any other good reason for us to keep them?
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• Philippines
19 Feb 10
Hi 25thseaweed, I don't have my own books anymore. My children's elementary and some high school books were given away to younger relatives. We don't find the need for them anymore and rather than gathering dust and consuming space, they can be made use of by other people. The college books that they had been using are still with us. They are good reference books for them, especially because these are medical books.
@lovelots (147)
• Philippines
18 Feb 10
I don't keep my elementary books. I gave them to other kids/students who can't afford to buy new ones. I think this is a good practice of sharing the knowledge inside the book to other people. But I choose these kids because I would like to be assured that my books will be taken cared of.
@Rainegurl (2158)
• Philippines
8 Nov 09
Hi, 25th I do not have my old textbooks anymore. My parents have already given them to friends and relatives who needed them. Some have also been donated to charities. Have a nice day!
@Porcospino (30288)
• Denmark
8 Nov 09
I don't have any books from elementary school or high school, because in my country the schools let us borrow all of the books that we need, and we return the books every year just before the summerholidays. We never bought any school books while I went to elementary school and high school, and I don't really remember the books that we used. University and other kinds of education after high school are different though, and we have to buy our own books at university etc. I still keep some of my books from the nursing school that I went to. I have sold some of them, but I decided to keep the ones which are still useful for me.
@rmuxagirl (7554)
• United States
23 Oct 09
I didnt keep my elementary textbooks. I kept some of them from college, but still ended up selling them when I graduated.
@yyfyqb (97)
• United States
16 Oct 09
I used to keep my textbooks because i thought they would be helpful some day.But now i don't think so. The computer is so popular,we can get all information or knowledge we want on the internet.
• Philippines
14 Oct 09
Some of my college textbooks are still with me because I still use them as references, and all my grad school textbooks I'm using now I'm planning to keep. Elementary school, not so much - I think we already gave it away to relatives.
@dekada80 (388)
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
In my case, I do try keeping my old books as much as possible but sometimes you will loose it for whatever reasons like getting borrowed and never returned..
@ShepherdSpy (8560)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
13 Oct 09
I Like books,but I don't still have any of my old school textbooks..I still have those from my most recent on the Job training courses though! Holding on to stuff from that far back apart from sentimental reasons would probably clutter up your home..if You no longer need or use something,why not sell or donate it to someone who could use it?