feeling good about ones self.

United States
October 14, 2009 4:01pm CST
When I was a child I as told by countless adults. If you feel good about yourself you will have lots of friends. Hmm.. When I got older I started thinking about my child hood. I was teased and tormented at school by everyone teachers and peers. I was told on several occasions I was ugly smelly and worthless. So I want to know, how is a child supposed to feel good about themselves when they are constantly being put down ? I say they can't its impossible.
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@GaryJoule (216)
• China
15 Oct 09
I'm very sorry for what u went through in childhood. But I still wonder why EVERYONE teased and tormented you. Have you ever reflected there was something wrong on you make anybody else uncomfortable? I hope you were innocent. I agree with you, it's no way to feel good about himself when a child is constantly being put down. I think the teachers or parents or other supervisor should do something to help a teased child. Child is child, unmature, he just doesn't know what's wrong.
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• United States
15 Oct 09
hmm let me think um no. That's a stupid thing to ask someone. was there anything wrong with me geeze
@bounce58 (17451)
• Canada
15 Oct 09
I read somewhere that as children, when one teases another constantly, it just means that he/she likes this other kid. And that they just have no other way to express it, so they tease. Maybe you were beautiful as a kid, or bright, and that others are just jealous. Smelly, i could understand (lol!), but worthless? How could a kid understand another kid's worth?
• United States
15 Oct 09
funny story for you, when I was a kid I was teased mercelessly and not just by the kids either. Teahers sometimes said cruel things to me. Anyway I digress, when I was a sophmore in highschool one of the guys who had picked on me asked me out on a date. With great disdain I asked him "Why would I go out with you?" As I was walking away, his friend who had just moved to the neighborhood asked what my problem was. The first guy's responce was "I put her down for years, called her names we all did, and now that she'ss hot she won't give any of us the time of day." Ironicly I ended up dating the new guy a week later. He thought the whole thing was hilorious.