how to tutor your kids?

@leoliu39 (540)
October 14, 2009 7:45pm CST
my daughter is 10 years old, and she is a pupil at primary school.It's a little bit hard for her to study so many things. so I want to tutor her at home,but she always confused my methods and teacher's. so I want to find whether you tutor your kids at home and how to do it?thank you!
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@XiaoLin (289)
• Italy
15 Oct 09
Hi leoliu, as a teacher to be, I'm glad to read there still are parents willing to tutor their children at home, and not only leave the work to the school, as I often heard saying here. As others wrote before me, it is important that your method and the teacher's one can work well toghether, even if it doesn't mean they must be exactly the same. Everyone has his own intelligence, and not all children learn in the same way. If the teacher pays attention to this, they would use more than one method to teach, but in the class there are many students and it is difficult to always focus on every one. At home, you can help your child to review what she studied in a way that she could remember best. If she has a good visual memory, try to use a lot of pictures, if she remembers by voice or she needs to write a lot... it depends. Try to help her in points she finds difficult by using the parts she is best at. For example, I used to tutor my nephew in math and geometry, and I found out he was good at calculating but he didn't pay attention to the reason why he had to use some formula. He just applied it machanically, so he couldn't solve problems slightly different from the model. We worked a lot with drowing figures and making models, so that he could see and touch the geomethrical parts he was studying. The teacher at school didn't have time to explain things so deeply. So, the method is important but it doesn't have to be exactly the same as the teacher. The content must be the same, but try to find the best way for your daughter to understand it. Hope I did some help
@zhouxi (1752)
• China
15 Oct 09
i think it's hard to teach your own children than your other students.sometimes they think their teacher is right youare wrong no matter what the fact is .hehe,it's too difficult .
@ram_cv (16513)
• India
15 Oct 09
Hi, Good to see that you want to spend some time tutoring your child at home. My suggestion with such tutoring is that in the initial few sittings you let the child take the course she wants to, because that would give you a perspective of what the teacher is teaching and what is the method used by the teacher. Then after you see that, then you can fine-tune your mechanism and then teach the child accordingly. If both your methods are drastically different then the child might get confused else children are usually good at adapting to different styles. My own kid who is now around 3 years old, is being tutored by 3 people at home with varying styles and skills. We just ensure that we do not contradict what the other is teaching and have seen the kid pick up things fast that way. When we do contradict he does seem confused and does not know which to pick and generally tends to pick what is simpler for him than what is right. Cheers! Ram
@doryvien (2284)
• United States
15 Oct 09
Hi Leoliu, I have a 10 year old son, he's now in grade 5 and I tutor him personally. I always check his books, quizzes and previous lessons, and pick up from there. I make sure that whatever we take up when we study are all from his lessons in school. I make a test paper that he can answer and then we both review his answers. Now he makes his own assignments but I still check them to make sure he does them correctly.