Have you ever played dumb so you would not get in trouble?

United States
October 16, 2009 5:14pm CST
I have played dumb a couple of times so I would not get in trouble. I hate getting in trouble I like to have everything calm and no drama. If someone tells me about soething they did that was bad I listen and give them advise to try and help them. If someone finds out that I know any information about what they told me I pretend that I know nothing. The reason I do this is because I do not want to be involved in the situation and I do not want to get in trouble for knowing information. It is a good idea to play dumb and let others deal with the situation. Playing dumb can get you out of trouble in certain situations.
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@stephcjh (38873)
• United States
20 Oct 09
I have never had to play dumb to stay out of trouble. I have played dumb to stay out of someone elses business that was in trouble though. I do not like to be caught up in the middle of things.
• United States
19 Oct 09
yes I have! I think everyone has at some point in their life