32 and single

October 21, 2009 10:28pm CST
i am 32 years old and still single, i never succeded in every relationship i'm into. i planned not to marry and engage myself in a more worthwhile activities in our place. but everytime i meet new friends, they would always ask me why i did not get married, i get tired of answering them the reason why i did not get married. sometimes, i wanna scream at them =).do you think i should feel bitter about them asking me such question?
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@bird123 (10556)
• United States
24 Oct 09
People will be people. You should never be bitter. Know that true love holds no time frame. Sometimes it doesn't show up until later in life. It's always a great idea to do worthwhile things but stay open, for true love can show up when you least expect it.
@nagikka (411)
• Italy
22 Oct 09
I'm 30 and single. I've had a few relationships but they all turned out bad including the last one which lasted four years but it made me realize that the guy wasn't worth spending my life with. Also, I realized I'm someone who could never get married because I need my own space, my time and I can hardly tolerate having someone around me for too much time. I can't even tolerate the fact of sharing the same bed with someone else, sometimes I'd even get "hysterical" when my guy wanted to sleep while holding me (it might sound crazy I know, maybe I got that feeling because at that time love had already faded away and because we had to share a small bed, I don't know). Sometimes I suffer because I also have no friends, I cut all contacts with my old friends because I was disappointed and I haven't been very lucky with friends either. I used Facebook to hear from my old school friends again and most of them got married, had children or are going to get married soon. I'm sure I will never get married, I just have to accept it and face the fact that I'll be left alone which isn't the best thing when you get older, that's something my mother used to tell me. I wish I could change this only because I'm scared of when I'lll be old and have NOBODY by my side. This is the scary part of being single and having no kids.
@defcon505 (921)
• United States
22 Oct 09
Just say the reason.
@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
22 Oct 09
well shirlyne your not alone, i too am 32 and still single i only had one relationship in my life and it turned out bad too. but before i had my relationship i already had set my mind to accept the fact that i might remain single forever and it wasn't a big deal for me, but as i get older my friends around me do start to wounder and kept on asking why i don't get married. before i was starting to get annoyed with this repeatitive question but now i always kept my head cool and simply tell them the reason that its just so happen to be this way. i stopped getting annoyed with all this question when i simply understand that the ask not because they want to judge you but because they are just concern about you. most people who tend to ask are people who are in a relationship or married and since the know the good feeling of being in love, having a partner, having a baby and building a family they just wanted you to have those things too. some of my friends even ask me if its ok with me if they set me up with someone. to them they simply want you to be happy to enjoy this feelings. and when i learned about this all my bitterness went away, i just simply understood they just love me thats all.
@Gesusdid (1681)
• United States
22 Oct 09
HA! lol , i kno sorta how that is , you know actually to your friends , theyre actually trying to " help" you , next thing you kno theyre setting you up on dates and mysteriously introducing you into other single people who " they dont kno " lol its that pressure that they try to place on you , that topic of not getting married isnt going anywhere anytimne soon , and i hope your not the only one whos single , that has to suck being the only out and a easy target for that topic ...i think theyre not respecting you or your wishes of not getting married, it isnt like theres a US law where you HAVE to be married , & yeah live your life , no rush , u might meet someone tommrow
@singlemommy (2952)
• United States
22 Oct 09
I am 31 and single. I have two children. I get asked often why I have never married or why I never married either father of my two children, but truth is, I was never REALLY give the opportunity to marry them. I have been engaged twice, once when I was a teenager and once with my daughter's father. Honestly, I glad I didn't get married either time. Would I like to get married some day? Maybe, I don't know. I would definitely have to find the right man. I honestly am not worried about it. Maybe that is what you should tell your friends, that you aren't worried about it and you never really have been worried about it. I wouldn't let them get to you. Live your life the way that makes you happy!