Am I flattering myself?

United States
October 22, 2009 2:19am CST
Right now I have a boyfriend, but something happened in my class that is really confusing me. I have some English classes and one day a week an doing a practicum at a school for children. I love my practicum, but find myself in the English classes getting very bored and having to find ways to entertain myself. In this one class, it meets on Tuesdays, there are seven guys and only three girls, including me. Well, there is this one guy, Jason, and I never had a class with him before but when he walked into the room I felt a "connection". He's very handsome, but not my "type". So, it's not just looks like I felt a bond. I must sound nuts. I notice when I talk in class, or speak to him, (it's a class where you have a discuss on things) he looks at me intently. However, he's a very polite person in general. Yesterday, well two days ago it's so late now lol, the professor asked him to hand out this worksheets for homework. He did it. So, he get to my section where the girls kinda huddled about. There's only three of us. He hands me the paper. I say the usual thank you I say to anyone. I notice his intense eye contact. Which I like because it shows someone is paying attention. I try to shrug it off because I don't want to think the wrong thing on accident. Anyway, he kinda lingers than goes back to his seat. He had extras because more people came late. He comes back to my section and I tell him I already have. He kinda just stands there and is all "How are you doing?" but before I can answer him, someone else asks him for a paper. Do you think he likes me or am I flattering myself? I have no interest to go out with him at the moment, but I wonder if I am exaggerating things...
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@Hazelrose (2179)
• Philippines
22 Oct 09
Hi smartie1317, Well... it makes me flattered when other people will admire me saying i look young and beautiful at my age.I will just say thank you!ha ha ha such a nice feeling! Good Luck!